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What are publishers looking for in series books aimed at 8-12 year old girls?

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We all know how big the "tween" market is.  The Babysitters Club series has sold over 100 million books, mostly to young girls 8-12 (or their parents.)

What are publishers and editors looking for in new series books for this demographic?  What are some recent breakout successes and what has made them successful?

The genre is attractive because if you can create great characters and a great story, the potential for ancillary products is huge - merchandise, movie/tv shows, etc!

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I don't know what publishers are looking for, but I can tell you what the girls at my library want to read.  Although we have some of the Babysitters' Club books, the girls really like American Girl books, Goosebumps, and fantasy.  Although we have some great realistic fiction, it does not circulate as often with the exception of books like Umbrella Summer, Love, Aubrey, and Rules.  Our K-5 school has over 500 students in grades 3-5, so we see a huge number of girls for circulation.  Of all the ones mentioned above, fantasy and slightly scary top everything else.
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