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Do I have my characters wear the same clothing in all of my books?

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Hi.  I hope I am posting this in the correct location.  If I am not, please feel free to move it where it belongs.

I am working on a series of children's books.  The first book is Daddy Versus the Squirrels.
I have 3 more stories written - all along the Daddy Versus theme.  The main characters will be the same in all the books.

Would it be strange to have the characters always wearing the same clothing all the time, or would it be good to have them wearing the same clothing in each book, for recognition purposes? 
The stories will take place at different times and even different seasons, so there might need to be some obvious adjustment to the clothing (long sleeves vs short sleeves, etc) but they could be of the same color/style.

Any thoughts or suggestions on this idea?

To see what the characters look like in the 1st book, you can go to and click on the free peek inside, or get there directly via:

Thank you!
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Daddy Versus the Squirrels
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As long as you adjust for season and other logical things, I don't see why this would be a problem. It's really a stylistic choice. But clothing is generally an issue of the art in the books and not the craft of the writing. If the clothing isn't important to the plot, you may not need to mention it all.

If your concern is for the images only, you might get a more informed response in the illustration area of the boards.
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