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Another newbie question - writing samples

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So now I've written a couple of things, but none of it's published yet. Can I use it for writing samples?

I'm submitting to Ask again, and since I haven't heard back about my previous query to them I'm assuming they still want a resume & two writing samples. Which of the following would be the best samples to send?

a. The article I wrote for the other query I sent the same magazine (which I did not include with that query).
b. A NF PB manuscript that I've submitted to an editor but haven't heard about. Aimed at a lower age level than this magazine.
c. A personal essay published on a curated & edited site online, written for adults.
d. A piece of my academic writing, which is published but written for adults familiar with my field.

Thank you so much in advance. You guys have been SO MUCH help!
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I'd be tempted to go with A because it's the right target and B to show you can write for kids, but I'd also include either C or D to showcase your published work, whichever one you think would be more interesting to read for the editors of ASK. Good luck!
#2 - April 20, 2018, 12:32 PM
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Thank you - I wasn't sure if it would be weird to use something I queried them for previously!
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I would include whatever is closest to the age/interest level of the group you are writing for. When I was applying for one of my book publishers, they actually had me rewrite one of the samples I submitted so it would match the target age level.

It doesn't matter if the pieces have been published or not, they just have to match the age level of the pieces the editors are looking for.

Hope that helps!

#4 - April 20, 2018, 01:25 PM
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It's nice to actually have some things at the right age level to submit at all, even if none of it is published (yet?)  ::-)
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When I send samples, I target the market. So focus on the age and reading level of the magazine. This may mean you write something specific to use as a sample. Do mention your published work in your query though.
#6 - April 20, 2018, 06:21 PM
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