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I have a question for anyone who has done the "final artwork" for their own picture book. I know there are tons of threads about doing a dummy book, but my agent is asking me to create a PDF for him of the final artwork that he can then submit to publishers. How important is paper size at this point? I know with a dummy, the size can change once a book is accepted, but if I'm doing the finished artwork (watercolor) and the book is accepted, is there a certain size that I should be using? Or just go with what feels right for the book? Should I keep it to a certain size for scanning purposes?

If you're an illustrator who uses watercolor, I'd also love to know how you get your paintings in a digital format. I always end up taking mine to a local printer because their scanners are amazing at staying true to color, which is really hard to do with watercolors. I've looked at some home scanners but they can be pricey for the really good ones.

Thanks in advance!
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I've had publishers give me their size requirements and publishers who let me choose the size from several options. I use an Epson scanner with VueScan software. I color correct as needed in Photoshop. Ask either your agent or the publisher what size they want final art, but for every book I ever sold, the "final" art sample was redone after the book purchase when I created the rest of the art. My style tends to change over the year to two years it can take from the time I made the sample art until the contract for the book is actually signed and I start on the rest of the art.
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My agent just suggested I find a size of book that I like and use that as reference. It hasn't been picked up by a publisher yet, it's just the final artwork that will be put into a PDF to be sent out to potential publishers. I have some 10 x 14 paper that I think I'll use for the final artwork and then it sounds like if it's picked up by a publisher the size could change anyway. My style tends to change a bit here and there too!

And thank you for the scanner suggestion, I'm definitely going to look into it!
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