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Scanning In Artwork

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Hi guys!

I have searched this group for posts about scanners for watercolor artwork, however the scanners mentioned seem a little outdated and I can't find them in the stores anymore. I'm looking into an Epson hi-res scanner but I'd like to know what you all use-specifically for watercolor art. Up to now I have been taking my art to a local printer for them to scan for me, but I would really love to be able to do this at home.

If you have a scanner, what do you use? What is the size of the scan bed? Is it a scanner/printer or just scanner?

Thanks for any help on this!
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Hi Nikkee,

I have done the same with my watercolors painting a few times (i.e. going to a professional printer) but I recently tried to use more of my small A4 scanner. I realized that being able to change the settings myself and do some experimentation with the scanning process is much more satisfying.

So for my A3 pieces, I am just doing 2 separate scans and post processing them in Photoshop. What I am usually doing is putting each piece/parts of the painting on different layers making sure that there is an overlap between the two (to help putting them back together) and then erasing/smoothing out the split with a soft edge brush. I then flatten the image (merging the layers) before doing all the levels/contrast adjustments. It actually works surprisingly well.

One of the thing I am also doing for scanned watercolor painting is to use the noise reduction filter in photoshop to keep some of the paper texture but without overdoing it!

Hope this helps a bit, any questions please let me know  ;)
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