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Madness! Poetry 2018 -- Calling All Authletes

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It's that time of year again, SCBWI! The application window to Madness! Poetry 2018 is now open. If you're a veteran participant, don't forget to apply before the 2/22 11:59pm deadline, and encourage others to do the same. And if you're new to the event, all you need to know is:

1) You write new poems in head-to-head matchups in response to word prompts. Your poems are voted on by your peers, classrooms full of students, and the general public. It starts with 64 "authletes" and quickly works its way down to one remaining champion.
2) It's super fun!
3) Everybody loses!*

Here's a link to the application:

You don't need to be a big name to enter, nor do you need to be well connected, nor have a big follower base. You just need to be ready to write, and have some fun. You will almost certainly lose -- if not immediately, then eventually! *Every single authlete that has come before you has lost at least once, even the champions.

More classrooms are registering every day to read and vote. They could be reading YOUR work!

Apply today!!!
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Love, love, love this contest every year Ed! And I'm honored to one of your "Authletes of the Day" this year and am looking forward to March and the first word reveal!

Then stress. . . . :lol4
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