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Size and Layout of Pages

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I hope everyone is doing great!

I am working on a picture book that will be heading to the publisher in August. I am about to embark on the painting stage and I was sure before that I had set up my pages properly in the sketch phase, but I had a nightmare last night that I had them all at the wrong size and they threw my book out the door. Since this is my first book and my subconscious is obviously worried about it, could you guys tell me if you need to add space for creeping to the gutter area? I'll attach a photo of one of my spreads to show how I have laid out the final artwork. I printed out a rectangle from Adobe Illustrator with a bleed around it, but when I taped two together to make a spread, I'm worried I added space I shouldn't have.

Thank you for soothing my crazy fears in advance. It is little details like these that keep me up at night. 

OH! The trim size is supposed to be 9X11 if that helps.
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