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Illustrating a self-published children's book for a friend

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Hi! I am new to these message boards as well as new to illustrating for picture books.

A few friends of mine wrote a story for a children's book they are planning on self-publishing and they want to know a fair price to pay me (or any illustrator) to illustrate their book. This is their first time doing a book too so they don't know what to do either.

I just don't even know how to start this, what questions to ask, to do a contract now or wait until its certain? I feel like they are looking for guidance from me and I just don't want to overcharge friends who are printing these themselves but I also don't want to create a ton over work for myself and with little money. I think it would be fun to collaborate with them and I like the story so I just wanna make this as simple as possible. Also- one of the guys has another illustrator in mind so it appears as though I'm "up against" another artist and they would like me to do 1 or 2 samples for them. They are asking how much I would charge for that to start. Would you do a spread from the book or something small?

 Does anyone have any advice or resources they can point me to? Any help is much appreciated. I am very confused if that's not obvious :)

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Welcome meglea!

You can find great information on this post:
I recommend following all the links there to get a well-rounded view of how independent authors and illustrators can work together, especially the last one.
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Thank you!!!
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