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scholarship for Distance learning

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I am not sure if this is a proper topic to post this here. But I really need the info that some of you might have.
I am in the process of applying for Online MA in Education with children literature strands. I wonder if anyone knows there are any  grants/scholarships available for those distance learners. There are many those who study in campus, but I am not able to find one for distance learning. The university is located in US but I will be studying in my home country where I didn't find any that provide one for this particular situation.

Learning about submission, children literature market and agent is very helpful, but after spending working on my first picture book last year with my publisher, I came to know there were a lot that I have to learn further on my side. There are many great conferences, workshops, and  illustration classes I like to attend if I can. It would be great to find some help with financial matters.
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