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Submitting children's poetry

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 :new Hi. I'm new at submitting poetry (or mostly any writing). Is there a standard template? Or, do I use the template for submitting an article, which I've used from the ICL (Institute for Children's Literature), keeping the left margin the same/no indenting?  :thankyou  Linda
#1 - July 04, 2018, 07:50 AM

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Here's a thread that explains some poetry formatting suggestions:

Best, best wishes with your submission!!

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#2 - July 04, 2018, 08:45 AM

If you're submitting individual poems,  there's no real rule or template.  Just use a dignified font (not Comic Sans or something that calls attention to itself) and make it neat and clean.  If possible without crowding, choose a line spacing that allows it to fit on a single page. If it's short enough, you can make it double space, but single or 1.5  is fine.

If you want your poem to have indented lines, then by all means indent them. I often submit that way. There's no need to have a flush-left margin for each line.

But don't sweat the formatting. Just do what looks right to you. The poem is what counts.
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