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There are a few seats open for the 9/22 writers conference in Belgrade ME.

 Spend a fall day lakeside with other writers and work with a professional who knows what sells in your genre.

 Sit at a critique table with the agent/editor of your choice, a professional who specializes in your genre and get a professional critique of YOUR opening pages and query. Don't wonder if they are perfect. Make sure your query and first pages are agent/editor ready before you send your pages out into the cruel world to fend for themselves. Bring your questions ith you. There will be lots of opportunity to ask the professionals about whatever...

You will hear detailed feedback on your pages at the conference. 

Hearing agents and editors critique other writer pages will help you understand the agent/editor pet peeves.

You may query all professionals after the conference (even those closed to unsolicited submissions) and are guaranteed a specific response. Not - a form letter or a no response means no.  But, something that will help you revise for success.

Conference is limited to 40. 

More info at

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