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Illustration for a hot sauce logo?

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I know it's not directly related to books, but it's a bit coincidental I'm having multiple questions lately of hired illustration. Honestly, this question is closer to logo design than anything.

A friend of mine is making his own hot sauces and wants me to draw a cartoony anthro pig for the design. I don't know his scale of ambitions or budget yet. He's also not sure what he wants, so he's already saying "can you do an example or two to show me". For me, the answer is NO before payment haha. Time is money.

Question is, is there an easy approach to this? Is this simply just a buyout project, work for hire? I was thinking $300-$700 (after researching) for a head or bust shot of an anthro pig (with set number of revisions), but not sure what parameters I should keep track of. I believe he's running his operation from home, self starting. He told me he's initially using it for hot sauces, but eventually branching into bacon and other products.


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If you have time to do this & would like to do it you could ask if he has a budget in mind. Also consider giving 3 price points (high - with all the bells & whistles, mid-point, lowest price - very basic package which would be fast, simple, budget option). Just make it clear up front what he would get/be paying for.
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Your price range sounds fine for a mom&pop operation. Logos are general all rights transferred, so bear that in mind when you write up the contract. I've usually put a time limit on mine for a renewal option, but in practice haven ever sent a renewal fee contract to the few businesses that were still in operation after the term ran out. (FWIW after creating logos since the 90s there were only 2 that were still in business at the option date.) If you want to specify the logo you create is only for hot sauces and the terms must be renegotiated when he branches out, you can do that as well. That way if, on the odd chance, his business takes off and becomes a huge success, you can benefit from that occurrence. Chances are, he'd want to update the logo at that time any way. Good luck.
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