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Postage from US to Canada?

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I can't find the thread about postage. I'm sure I saw it here before.  I just checked the USPS site but I can't find a rate without putting in a weight.

Anyhow, how much does it cost to mail a regular letter from US to Canada?

I got my sis-in-law to pick up stamps for me when she was on holidays, only she got me a sheet of 37 cent stamps.  I think that is for local right?

Also, if I put enough postage for the 'rejection letter' (how's that for realistic thinking?) and not the ms, can I assume they will know to chuck it?

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60 cents for a regular letter. I don't know if you can make assumptions about whether they'll know to chuck the ms or not. But if the ms is only a few pages, 60 cents will cover it. Also, you can always note in your cover letter that you don't want the ms back.
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Thanks Shelly! :)
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Local postage in Canada is 49 cents for a regular letter (I don't know why they don't just go ahead and make it 50 cents).

Note for US people: if you want a letter to come back to you from Canada, you have to use Canadian stamps on the SASE. US ones won't work. (You probably already knew this, Caroline, but I thought I should point it out for others)
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This is a very cool site, guys.  Hope it helps.  It gives you postage from Canada to the United States and gives you a page count and weight (including paper clips, SASEs, etc.).

I've never had any trouble following their charts.

Anne Marie
#5 - October 04, 2004, 03:56 AM
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This is great, Anne Marie. Would you mind posting it in the Helpful URL's section?
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I agree, Dy.  This is one message that should be posted on the board twice - here AND in Helpful URL's.  Thanks for requesting this!
#7 - October 04, 2004, 08:46 AM
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