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Sept 2018 - Getting the Most Out of the Blueboard

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Are you getting the most out of the Blueboard? It's a very large board and can be totally overwhelming when you first join it and often even after you have been on it for quite some time. Here are some tips on how you can benefit from this message board.

  • Introduce yourself on the Introduce Yourselves board.  Look at other people's introduction posts while you are there. You may find other people who interest you and that you might want to get to know better.
  • When you find a person you are interested in knowing more about, click on their name in the upper left corner of their post. You will see how many posts they have made on the board. If it’s more than one, click on the number of posts and the other posts they have made on the board will show up on your screen. You will then be able to read those posts.
  • Check out the Genres area of the board. There is a tremendous wealth of information there and you can zero in on your current interests by choosing just the genres you want to know more about. You will find the Genres under the Writing & Illustration area of the board.
  • Response Times Boards. These are some of the most popular and useful boards available to all members of the Blueboard. Find out how long it’s taking agents and editors to respond to submissions by checking out the Magazines, Book Publishers and Agents response times boards.
  • Take a little time to get to know the board and the people on it before you jump right in with your questions. Use the Search (and Advanced Search) boxes to see if your questions have already been answered. You might find someone else had the exact same problems in the past and the answers you need are right there - for instant perusal.
  • Be sure to post helpful comments on other people’s questions before you start promoting a new book. Using your book image as your Avatar picture and posting (IN YOUR SIGNATURE LINE) your website and/or links to where your books can be purchased is the most effective way of promotion on this board. Blatant promotion (Here’s My Book! Buy It Today!) posts are a real turnoff to most Blueboarders, and will often have the opposite affect of what you want. People are more apt to want to help you if they feel like they know you. If you “give” to the board, you will be more likely to “get” from the board.
  • If you are an SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators) member, there are 20 extra boards available to you that non-SCBWI members can’t access. PAL (Published and Listed) SCBWI members have an additional 9 boards available to them. Be sure to check out all of these extra boards if you belong to SCBWI. Just a few of them are:
  • Ask A Lawyer board. SCBWI’s designated lawyer will answer your legal questions, or she will let you know when you need to contact a local publishing lawyer if your question is something she can’t answer due to liability issues.
  • Legal Discussions - NOT Legal Advice. This is where SCBWI members can discuss issues pertaining to their publishing career with their peers, getting insight and advice from others who have been through similar situations.
  • Online Critiques board. SCBWI members (only) have a secure board where they can post chapters or picture book manuscripts right on the Blueboard to get online critiques from their peers.
  • If you plan to post a manuscript for critique, be sure to reciprocate by critiquing other manuscripts.
  • Job Opportunities. A special board where SCBWI members post job opportunities available only to other SCBWI members.

Happy Posting, Everyone!
Verla Kay - Founder and Chief Administrator of the Blueboard

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Great advice and reminders, Verla. And thank you for founding this message board.
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