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UPDATE: CRITIQUE SLOTS ARE FULL! Thanks to all who donated. I've decided to make this a semi-regular thing so follow me on FB or Twitter, or stay tuned here and I'll post again next time I do an offer like this.

I recently heard that We Need Diverse Books is holding a Fall Fundraiser, with a goal of raising $50,000 to donate diverse books to classrooms nationwide. I'd love to help with this fundraising effort by offering picture book critiques to the first 6 writers who respond and donate at least $75 to WNDB. If you donate $125 (or more), I will also take a follow-up look at your manuscript after you've revised it, and provide additional feedback (if you'd like).

Here's information about the fundraiser:

If you are interested, here’s what to do:
1. Email me to let me know you are interested - That will "hold" your spot.
2. Make a donation of $75 (or more) to the WNDB fundraiser. Take a screenshot of your receipt and send that to me (via email).
3. I will the confirm your critique and we can make arrangements via email.

I posted this on Facebook earlier, and currently have three slots left (as of 10/31).

Critiques will be completed before Thanksgiving (though I hope to finish much sooner than that!)

About me: I am a picture book author with one (rhyming) picture book under contract with Putnam (Dozens of Doughnuts, 2020), and another (non-rhyming) as-yet-unannounced. I also won the Barbara Karlin Work-in-Progress grant from SCBWI in 2014 and the Peg Davol scholarship from New England SCBWI in 2015 - both rhyming manuscripts. I have been critiquing with a wide array of crit partners (many now published) for 8+ years, and I’m represented by Linda Epstein at ECLA. Read more on my website:

About my critiques: I believe that a good critique leaves the writer feeling inspired and ready to make changes (if needed) to the story, and sparks ideas for how to make those changes. I will offer a set of fresh eyes and try to help you see your story from a new perspective. I tend to do a comprehensive, high-level critique focused on the heart of the story that includes the positive aspects of the manuscript as well as what I see as the major areas for improvement. I often make specific suggestions for things I think the writer might try. I will also make inline comments, if I think things should be rephrased, although I do not do line editing or fix all your grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. For rhyming stories, I’ll offer rephrasing suggestions when I can, will mark sections where the rhythm is off or the rhyme is not working, and will do what I can to help you establish a consistent meter.

Thank you! I'll look forward to reading your work while doing a little bit to help further the mission of WNDB. A drop in the bucket - but every drop counts for something. (I learned that from reading picture books!)

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DOZENS OF DOUGHNUTS - Putnam (July, 2020)
DON'T HUG DOUG (Spring, 2021)


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