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Submitting a concept book.

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Hello everyone,

Do you have any advice or resources you could recommend for submitting a concept book? I am getting ready to submit. My book has limited text. I am not an illustrator, but I think the concept aspect of the book is clear from the text I have created. (It is a journey through a special type of building, introducing us to the different areas and asking questions like "What is the little girl buying at the souvenir stand? Where does the man put his coat?" In other words, I do not think I would need to provide anything other than my text for the editor to understand what is intended.)

My own children love books like this and I have started to look at the publishers of a few recent titles that are similar in scope to mine, and I will start there. I know that many concept books are work for hire, but I've also seen on these boards that some people have had success selling them. I would be so thankful for any additional advice!
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Sounds like you have it all in hand. I haven't sold a book like this but I would consider explaining the concept succinctly in the cover letter - e.g. This book (title) explores a young visitor's first experience in a museum. Also, illustrator notes are acceptable when necessary in the manuscript. Eg. "Whoops! We won't go in there! [Ill. note: sign on door says "Staff only"]
Best of luck with your manuscript! It sounds fun.
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You submit it like any other book: cover letter and manuscript attached or in the e-mail body depending on guidelines.
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Christine, Linda Ashman has some wonderful tips on PB with notes. Scroll down to the end of this page and you'll see the links for her own:

And I don't do anything special but write [ART--describe what needs to be here if it's not obvious in the text]

Good luck!
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Thank you all so much!
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