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GRIMORICON: Pathway to Terah arrives!!

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I'm so happy to announce that my first self published book is complete and available for everyone to enjoy. I've been working on this one for a year now and am so happy to share it with the world.

Currently in the process of finishing up book two in the series. Can't wait to get the whole series out there.

Thought i'd share the blurb with everyone:

A mysterious book leads to an adventure of a lifetime...

Twelve-year-old Ethan knows it all, and if it doesn’t involve fantasy or video games, he isn’t interested. On a trip to an antique store with his father, Ethan comes across the mysterious book, Grimoricon. Unaware of the secrets this book holds, Ethan soon finds himself in the unfamiliar world of Terah, a world that brings to life all the wondrous and terrifying things from Ethan’s fantasy books.

Aided by a teenage huntress named Nera and her bear companion, Ethan must travel through this unfamiliar world of magic, danger, and intrigue all in an attempt to find his way back home.

However, dark forces have learned of Ethan’s arrival and are seeking to capture him before he can find the doorway between worlds. It will take all of Ethan’s courage and the help of his friends to overcome this enemy and open the doorway.
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Congratulations and Best of Luck! :star2
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