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Interview and Two 30 Minute Skype Giveaways with Author Tara Lazar

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Want a chance to win one of two 30 minute Skype chats with the amazingly talented and generous Tara Lazar? One is open to everyone--you can ask questions about publishing or for extra inspiration coming up with ideas. Tara is a wealth of information, and this is such a fantastic opportunity!

The second is a 30 minute classroom Skype chat for teachers and media specialists. Tara and the winner will decide on the topic. I've heard so many raves about Tara's Skype chats and can't wait to see who the lucky winners will be!

Hop over to the Mixed-Up Files blog to enter...and to read Tara's interview full of ways to help spark new ideas that are great for writers, illustrators, and students. Tara is a talented author, presenter, and the founder of the Storystorm challenge going on this month with the goal of coming up with at least 30 story ideas in 31 days.

While sharing Tara's interview, I noticed that some people didn't realize that Storystorm is for generating ideas for all genres, not just picture books anymore. Even if you're not sure you have time, try it out! The daily posts are really inspiring and I'm sure you'll come up with way more ideas than you would without the challenge.
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