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Feb. 28th: FREE Webinar: Is your work ready to submit to agents and editors?

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***If you'd like a professional critique on your writing to determine whether or not you are ready to submit to agents and editors, we also have limited $40 critique slots available with Aubrey Poole, plus a free webinar this week:

FREE WEBINAR: How do you know if your work is ready to submit to agents and editors? We all know that what an editor or agent looks for in a manuscript can be subjective, but are there concrete steps you can take to better prepare your first ten pages (and your entire manuscript) to increase the chances of finding representation and ultimately find a publisher for your book?

Aubrey Poole, a children's book editor who has worked at Jabberwocky, Source Books, and Jimmy Patterson Books, will explain the fundamentals of getting your manuscript ready for submission. After she goes over the basics, we’ll dig into the details with a live 15 minute critique of the first 10 pages of a pre-published work. You will get an inside look into what editors look for in manuscripts they love and what are the red flags of a manuscript that is not quite ready for submission.

We’ll follow up with live Q&A where you can ask Aubrey your questions about getting your work submission ready.

You will also have the opportunity to work with Aubrey on the first 10 pages of your novel or your picture book manuscript.

We have a limited amount of paid critique slots available.
Aubrey will work with writers on a first come first serve basis, so when you sign up and get your pages to her will determine the order and timeframe she will be able to give you your critique.
You will receive an email with editorial notes and you will have the opportunity to follow up in a ten minute phone call for clarification and follow up questions.

Critiques are $40.

This is an amazing opportunity to get experienced and professional feedback on your work before you submit or before you bring your work to a conference like the New England Conference in May or the New Jersey Conference in June.

Aubrey is a publishing professional with 9 years of experience acquiring, editing, and developing children's and young adult projects. She worked with #1 bestselling author James Patterson and Albert Einstein's intellectual estate to develop and publish the #1 New York Times bestselling Max Einstein: The Genius Experiment. As an Editor at JIMMY Books, her titles included the bestselling Pottymouth & Stoopid, Treasure Hunters and Crazy House series, as well as IndieNext pick and Seventeen Best YA Book of 2018 Gunslinger Girl by Lyndsay Ely and forthcoming Once & Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy, which earned 3 starred reviews. She's also acquired picture books like Jess Keating's Shark Lady and Bill Cotter's interactive Don't Push the Button!

If you'd like to go to he free webinar AND a paid critique slot, choose both tickets on the registration page:

Any questions you can email me, Kerry McQuaide,
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Oh no! This was exactly what I was looking for as a beginner and I found SCBWI too late. SHUCKS!

Is there a recording or another thread/information around here I can look at?

Thank you!
#2 - July 23, 2019, 12:22 PM
- Katey Ferenzi

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Katey, you would need to contact the RA who arranged the event directly to see if a recording is available. My guess is no. Typically it's available for those who registered for a week or two. If you want to know what else is on tap for webinars, the Nevada region posts them for everyone. Here is a link
#3 - July 23, 2019, 01:09 PM
Rebecca Langston-George
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Thanks, Rebecca! No worries. When I was at the most recent event here in Austin, they mentioned that webinars are now recorded so I thought I'd ask.

THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING! First day as a member AND in the forums. Trying to organized a PB critique group and read though ALL of the great information that lives out here. I've been reading for 2+hrs! Some of the details date back to 2015 (or farther) as far as how to package to send to publishers, what's successful/what's not, whether to include illustrations if you are a novice and so on.

Do you have any suggestions on getting the MOST RECENT information especially as it relates to PBs? Or how to get some initial feedback from someone in the industry or who has been published? I can see the rules and regs, but also wondering if I'm missing a resource or forum thread as I still have questions.

#4 - July 23, 2019, 02:29 PM
- Katey Ferenzi

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There are some published folks who critique in our Online Critiques section: Read a few threads to get an idea of the kind of feedback you might receive. You can also learn from the comments made to other people.

Conferences are the best way to get feedback from industry pros. Many regions limit summer events, so look for things to pick up in the fall. There's a hashtag, #PBCHAT, that has picture book discussions on Wednesday nights.  I think they start at 9. You can sign on for those and read what everyone says.

The info on subbing picture books hasn't  changed much in that time. The only change may be that illustration notes have become more acceptable. Also, picture books are skewing a little younger. I believe both of those changes had started by 2015 though I can't be certain.

The Blueboard has a search function, so consider searching for key words in your questions. Happy reading!
#5 - July 23, 2019, 06:00 PM
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