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I'm pubbed in the US PB trade market, and in the comic industry overseas. I am interested in submitting a GN to a US trade publisher, but know that guidelines aren't as carved in stone for this genre as others. Other than formatting the manuscript in a comics style, are there any writers-only out there who can tell me if they sent anything else with their script? (And did you add a sketch of the arrangement of panels per page--I don't mean illos--just empty boxes, or anything else?)

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Based on what I've seen, each publisher may ask for something different. Some may not accept submissions without any sample art pages. Others may be OK with just reviewing the script. And maybe some would take what you are offering -- an arrangement of panels. So I think the answer is, you are right. There is no real standard. Look at the submission requirements for the publisher you are interested in, follow them exactly, and go from there. Good luck!
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Thank you!
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