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To purchase screenwriting software and other supplies I usually use The Writer's Store in LA. They ship everything and I've never had a problem with them.

Final scripts need brads that are 1 1/4 inch in length, per industry standard, and I've never found them anywhere but at that store.

Heads up -- don't waste your money on "screenwriting covers," or any other sort of fancy plastic covers -- they are the equivilent of sparkles on query letters -- a big no, no. Also don't purchase card stock (to cover your script with) those prices are ridiculous, and using a very thin card stock bought from Target or Walmart works just as well and is a hundred times cheaper.

You can request a catalouge to peruse their other products, I'm certain.  :writing3
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Thanks for the lin, CC - you're a  :treasure house of knowledge on this (I have tons to learn)

Maude  :frog
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OOH- I love this genre. I am not doing much with screenwriting, but the amount of information you all provide is great!
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Ohhh, thanks for the heads up on the brads! I didn't know they would be hard to find and I would likely have panicked in a few weeks if I were trying to put in a last-minute entry to Nicholl's and missed the deadline over little gold fasteners!

I will buy them NOW!

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Nice. I haven't had to print a hard copy out and I wondered. It's weird having to learn a whole new set of do's and don't that are different from novel submissions. This board has been a great resource.
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