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Hi folks, new member here. I've scrolled through a few topics trying to find an answer to my question, but can only find discussions on how to format poetry for submission.  What I would like to know is how to write a query letter for rhyming verse. With traditional narrative prose we are urged to focus on the protagonist, what he/she wants, what obstacles get in the way, what are the stakes etc. But this is not really applicable for what I intend to submit. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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Are you querying a collection of poetry or a rhyming picture book?

If it's a poetry collection, I'm not really sure. Hopefully someone who has submitted a poetry collection will answer.

If it's a rhyming picture book that doesn't have a narrative arc, but is more a concept book, then you would focus on the concept. You might get more responses if you place this in the category of picture books or even the querying section of the board.

I find it helpful to look at the book jacket of books similar to the ones I query. I had a concept book that rhymed that I recently queried. To open my query letter I used the opening two lines that rhymed , then proceeded to summarize what the rest of the book was about.

I hope this helps a little!
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If it's a themed collection, focus on the theme in the query and describe the different ways the poems relate to the theme or the styles of poems used.  You may highlight a single poem as an exemplar. That's the limit of my knowledge on this. I hope it helps.

If you would like this moved to another area of the board as dk suggested, use the report to a moderator button in the post and someone will move it for you.
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Thanks for the info! I don't need this moved - I have all the info I need. Thanks again
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