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My colleague, Steph Fizer Coleman and I have recently launched a successful membership group that focuses on helping people build an outstanding children's book illustration portfolio. At the start of every month, we open up the group for 3 days for new member to join at a rate of $27.99 a month.

The membership includes access to our private online community where you can chat with the hosts (Steph and I) as well as fellow members of the community. In addition, each month you'll receive:

* A monthly workbook packed with prompts, inspiration, and exercises to spark your creativity. Each workbook is created around a theme and by the end of each month you'll have a wonderful new portfolio piece on that theme.

* A monthly webinar that include relevant art chat plus a group art critique that you can submit your work for.

* A monthly podcast about the business side of illustrating children's books.

* A monthly video chat Q&A session.

* Weekly live chats.

* And a monthly bonus material that is either an additional workbook or drawing demo video.

Who is Let's Make Picture Books for?

* People who are new to children's book illustration or those who are struggling to get a foothold in the industry.

* People who dream of illustrating children's books but just don't know where to start!

* People who need help building a solid, unique portfolio to get started in children's book illustration.

* People who need help with the business and marketing side of illustrating children's books.

When explaining your offered course, please include the following:

You can read more about your membership group on our website and sign up for our newsletter where we give subscribers first access to the membership. We do limit how many people can join the group, because Steph and I provide feedback on everyone's work.

You can follow our instagram:

And register for the membership here at the start of each month:

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