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Reverse Trick or Treating!

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I sat out on my porch on a nice residential street in Asheville, North Carolina tonight for 45 minutes and had only 5 trick or treaters.

I walked over to Montford Avenue, which has big, brightly decorated houses, and found about 500 little goblins making their rounds. Having brought my big bag of candy, I set up at an outdoor table at a bistro, and said the magic word as each group traipsed by:


Thus began my pop-up career as an impromptu candy ambassador.

When I walked back to my street at 8:15, still with some candy in my bag, I was delighted to find a few parties who'd ventured over to Pearson St. 

I'd been worried about what I was going to do with a big bag of un-handed out Snickers and 3 Musketeers, but by 8:30 the bag was empty.

I recently moved to the city after years at a rural place with a 300-foot dirt driveway and no trick-or-treaters ever. For twenty years I've  felt sad and empty on Halloween, my favorite day of the year.  And yes, tonight is probably the happiest I've felt in twenty years.

Of course, if I hadn't been such a loser, I probably would have had some little ones of my own.

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I know this feeling. I live in a lovely suburban street off a main road. It's fully tree lined and not lit at all. Spooky. We get 0 trick or treaters. As a kid, I liked sitting on the steps waiting for the doorbell to ring more than trick or treating. My husband's office allows families to bring their kids in and trick or treat desk to desk, but I have to go out to see the costumed parade, especially now that my own are two old to go with mom.

Glad you were able to get rid of all that candy. Love your pop up table idea.
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Gatz, how wonderful  :blackcat I didn't know you were in Asheville--it has a thriving writing community, actually for all kinds of artists. And I hope you'll come to the Carolinas SCBWI that's held every fall in Charlotte. It'd be great to meet you. And you are not a loser--maybe next year you can borrow a friend's child and go trick-or-treating.  :bat :bat :bat
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Gatz, what an awesome idea! We used to live on THE street that is ground zero for trick or treating in our town. (Our old next door neighbors said they had 675 trick or treaters last night. Um. Including us! Because the atmosphere is fun. :) ) We moved just a couple streets over, and it's DEAD. We had TWO. If I'd been thinking like you, I could have brought all our extra candy and given it away on Old Street...
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