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How different does a recycled story have to be?

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I have a longish story that's been accepted for publication that I've been reshaping as a second story for a different market (less literary, more boy-centric). More than half has been cut (from 3084 words to 1500)  and one of the three characters is gone. But the other two characters are the same and essentially the same thing happens in less detail. Much of what is left is original wording. Is it legal to sell this? The contract for the first story will be all rights.....Is this a different story? Have any of you ever done this with fiction?

Edited to add: I asked a similar question to the editor (at the same mag.) about a different accepted short story I was expanding into a novel, and she said there was no problem, but I'm wondering if that was because the markets were completely different (book vs. mag.).....
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Lenzi, it's not like Cricket owns the characters.  They basically bought the particular arrangements of words.  I don't know how different they have to be, esp. if you're using the same passages, etc.  I have never done this ... mostly I'm off chasing new ideas, but I'm curious to know the answer too.  Why not ask Debbie or Heather to be on the safe side.  Paula Morrow has a website -- perhaps she can answer your question.

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Hi Lenzi -- I once called the Cricket Group's business person (I forget her name but I think you can find it on the website) and asked a similar question regarding a non-fiction piece.  My situation was the reverse.  I sold Ladybug a 50-word activity and Fun for Kidz a 500-word article about the same activity.  I was worried because, really, all 50 words were in the 500 word piece.  She said it was no problem at all.  So, my suggestion is just to call her and ask.  It'll make you feel much better.
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Thanks, I do feel better. I polished it up and sent it out yesterday!
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