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Help bringing a project to completion

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? Is there any way to get rid of the moving GIFs in the area above this window, they are making me nauseous.
My name is Allan Rosen-Ducat, I am an artist, photographer, illustrator and Cabochon Artist.  I joined the association months ago.
I have a book project that I have been attempting to complete for about a year.

Many mockups have been created, but I just cannot seem to finish the project. 
I  paid for self-publishing product with a service called Outskirts Press; I have not been impressed.

Part of my issue is that I am brutally ADHD and even though I know what needs to be done, I cannot activate effectively.
I am wondering what I would call a person who would provide publishing support,  and if someone might have recommendations.
I would love feedback, I have a simple website at
Thank  you
#1 - March 29, 2022, 05:10 PM
Allan Rosen-Ducat
Artist, Photographer, Illustrator

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Welcome to the boards, Allan. You can turn off the smilies by clicking on your name, going to the look & layout, and at the very top click on the drop-down menu for smilies and choose no smilies.

As to help bringing a project to completion--do you need an accountability partner? Perhaps you could ask for a critique/accountability partner on the critique board:   There are also people who are book coaches or life coaches. When I was teaching, I did both--a mentor. I suggest working on short projects for magazines or your blog to gain that sense of accomplishment. It's also a great place to hone various aspects of storytelling. Good luck with all your projects.

I briefly looked at your website and it's easy to navigate. I like the moose looking at the moon best. And the play on words with moosination.
#2 - March 29, 2022, 06:17 PM
Little Thief! Max & Midnight, Bound, Ten Easter Eggs & 100+ bks/mags

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As the mother of an adult with ADHD,I empathize. Are you familiar with CHADD: Perhaps there are resources there that will help you. The Pomodoro Method works for many. (I know folks who don't have ADHD or other disabilities who use it too.) Maybe find a reward for yourself for a certain amount of work or consider if some fear is blocking you from moving forward. (I know that change scares me, so success is just as frightening as failure sometimes.) Good luck finding a way forward.
#3 - March 29, 2022, 06:30 PM
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I have adhd myself so I really empathize with you. Do you have any critique partners|writing friends? Sometimes it really helps to have members of the writing community to encourage you and help you stay on task.
#4 - March 29, 2022, 09:47 PM


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