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Book Launch Party FAQs


Q: Can I make a Book Launch Party for my app or ebook?

A: Sure! Apps and ebooks are welcome along with hard copy and paperback books.


Q: What does SCBWI DESIGN option entail?

A: When you purchase the SCBWI DESIGN option for $100, an SCBWI staff member will design your book party page for you. After purchase you will receive a form to fill out with all the necessary information. Once the page is designed you will have a chance to review the page and send in your changes prior to the launch date.


Q: How long does a launch period last?

A: A launch period lasts approximately 3-4 months. Your page will be visible throughout that time and you can make edits at any time. You can also buy two consecutive launch periods if you would like your page to be visible longer.


Q: When will my party page become accessible to the public?

A: All of the Book Launch Parties will be launching together on December 1st ; after that point, we encourage you to publicize your party page as much as you can.


Q: How do I ‘submit’ my Book Launch Party when I’m finished editing?

A: After hitting ‘save’ on your finalized party page, you don’t have to do anything other than wait. Your Book Launch Party will automatically go live on the launch date, December 1st.


Q: How long do I have to edit my page?

We would like all party hosts to complete their pages by November 23rd, so that our staff has time to approve them all in terms of the page being complete. Make sure your page looks perfect and check for typos before the launch date. That being said, you can add or update information (like reviews or upcoming appearances) all throughout our Book Launch Party season. You’ll be able to access your page through your member profile, as usual. You can edit your page at any time, even after December 1st.


Q: How do I make a contest?

A: The contest will be run entirely by you. You get to make all of the choices, while we provide the space for you to promote it. Get creative! You can give away a copy of your book, tie-in merchandise, a school visit, a skype call, etc.

Party hosts may invite their visitors to enter a contest via email or by linking them to another site. You could do an old-fashioned drawing and select a random email entry. Or, if you prefer a more creative component, you could have your visitors submit a response to a prompt or answer a trivia question.

There is only one rule: You may not hold a raffle by soliciting money from your partygoers. Complete contest rules and regulations can be seen here:


Q: I’m having trouble formatting my text. What do I do?

A: If you're having trouble with formatting, it may be because you copy-and-pasted content from another source.

The way to fix this is to use the 'paste as text' icon–it's the icon that looks like a clipboard with the letter 'T' attached to it. Paste your content in the little pop-up window. It will strip out the old formatting so that you have plain text to start with. Then, format that text to your satisfaction.



Q: How do I make spaces between the lines?

A: To fix the line spaces, try hitting the 'space' key once on each line. This will act as an invisible placeholder and your text will look less cluttered.


Q: Can I edit the HTML myself?

A: Yes! You can access the HTML by clicking the 'show source'(<>) icon in any text box.


Q: Can I change the font or color for author name, book title, publisher, etc.?

A: No, the text formatting is permanent to each template in these instances. You can only change the text in the blank text boxes with a toolbar.


Q: Can I put more than one picture in the extra content section?

A: The extra content box only allows for one file to be uploaded.


Q: Can I add a photo to one of the text boxes?

A: The templates don’t allow a picture to be inserted into the text boxes.  We suggest adding a picture to the extra content section.


Q: What do I put in the personal message box?

A: we suggest you get creative and give party goers the inspiration for your story, a fun anecdote, a sneak peek at your next book, a poem, your favorite quote, etc.


Q: Can I change the colors or features of the template?

A: No. SCBWI has designed these templates specifically for the book launch periods and they are consistent with our website functionality.


Q: When I post my page link to Facebook I only see the SCBWI Book Launch logo as the image and not my book. What’s going on?

A: When you paste in the link to your Launch Party into a new Facebook post, Facebook will dynamically retrieve the "SCBWI Book Launch Party Day" image, and place it in your post.

For example:



If you click that "Book Launch Party Day" image, it will take you to the *full* BLP listing—it won't yet go to your personal Launch Page.  That's because you haven't saved the post yet.

Once you click the blue "Post" button to save the post, and you see the post in your timeline, then clicking the image *will* take you to your personal launch Page.




Note that the blue "Post" button is now gone, and so is the url that you pasted in.  That url is now the link when clicking the image.