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Thank You For Supporting Books For Readers. We Are Now Closed To Entries For This Year.

SCBWI members, donate books you wrote or illustrated 

or those written and illustrated by fellow members July 12 – September 8, 2017




A. SCBWI BOOKS FOR READERS is our worldwide book drive. Its mission is 3-fold:

•     To help increase book access for readers in desperate need of books by collecting and donating books that SCBWI members create…

•    To help promote our authors, illustrators, and their books… 

•    To advance our mission as an organization of book creators and literacy advocates…

The selection committee, comprised of SCBWI staff and members of the SCBWI Board of Advisors, chose 2 organizations  to receive the books. The Refugee Dream Center in Providence, RI and Kinship House in Portland, OR. 

Q. When can I start sending books for the book drive? How will it work? 
A. SCBWI BOOKS FOR READERS BOOK DRIVE will officially begin accepting books for the collection from July 12 – September 8, 2017. Members can send them to: 

4727 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 301
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Attn:  SCBWI Books for Readers    

SCBWI HQ will accept, collect, store, curate, and distribute the books to the regional recipients prior to the celebration events to be held in November

Depending upon the size and need of our recipients, SCBWI HQ will curate the number and type of books to be distributed, and donate any surplus books to other nominated causes at its discretion.     

Q. What types of books will we be collecting?

A. We will be collecting our members’ published new fiction and non-fiction hard cover and paperback titles for children and teens (ages 0-17) including board books, early readers, picture books, chapter books, and middle grade novels, YA novels, and graphic novels. 

Q. How do I go about contacting my publishers for ARCs, titles going out of print, and/or those being remaindered? 

A. SCBWI members may want to reach out to their individual publishers’ editors and/or marketing staff to inquire re: the best people with whom to contact. 

Q. How many books do we anticipate collecting?  

A. The collection period will be over 8 weeks so we'll see how many books we have at that end of that time. The number of books that will actually go to the recipient(s) will depend on what the needs are and the capacity of the causes or organizations to house books. Thus, SCBWI HQ will curate the number and type of books to be distributed, and donate any surplus books to other nominated causes at its discretion.     

Q. Can I donate my self-published books to the book drive? 

A. Yes, all members are encouraged to donate copies of their books to the SCBWI BOOKS FOR READERS BOOK DRIVE.

Q. Do you want the donated books to be signed and personalized? 
A. Autographed books are extra special treats for all readers. If you would also like to include a personal message, please make it a general message about reading or the love of books.

Q. Can I sign up to help at one of the celebration events?

A. We will be asking for volunteers once we finalize the celebration event venues and dates. 

Q. What kind of press coverage is being planned for the SCBWI BOOKS FOR READERS Book Drive and its celebration events?  

A. We will be will be reaching out to local and national press (e.g. print, radio, and TV outlets), top publishing industry press vehicles, and using social media to help promote the causes and/or organizations we choose, as well as our authors who participate, their books, and SCBWI.

Q. What else can we do to help the SCBWI BOOKS FOR READERS Book Drive and to spread the word? 

A. You can help spread the news on social media and/or in-person events to encourage fellow SCBWI members to join the book drive!