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(PreK-Elementary) BRAVE WITH BEAUTY: This picture book offers ideas for creating Islamic tile patterns, beautifying your surroundings, and being brave.

Maxine Rose Schur

(PreK-Elementary) I AM SPECIAL: What makes you, you? Complete the printable activity sheet to create a picture. Tell everyone what things you like to do.

Katrina Germein

(PreK-Elementary) LEARN TO DRAW AND PAINT SEA CREATURESUse simple shapes to learn to draw some favorite underwater animals. Then, learn to paint using watercolor!

Tara Garrigan



(PreK-Elementary) GIDDY-UP COWGIRL STORYTIME: Author Dawn Babb Prochovnic reads her humorous picture book, WHERE DOES A COWGIRL GO POTTY?. Includes enrichment activities such as a Cowgirl/Cowboy name generator.

Dawn Babb Prochovnic

(Middle School) THE POISON FILES: Five true tales of poisonings from history, featuring kid-actors and narrated by Sarah Albee, the author of POISON: DEADLY DEEDS, PERILOUS PROFESSIONS, and MURDEROUS MEDICINES. (More Poison Files videos available on the author’s YouTube channel.)

Sarah Albee 

(High School+) CURSED CARD GAME: Rickyville: the Game – a card game based on Karol Ruth Silverstein’s young adult novel CURSED.

Karol Ruth Silverstein



(PreK-Elementary) ALYCAT’S POPCORN POPSICLES: Make Alycat’s Popcorn Popsicles at home inspired by ALYCAT AND THE THURSDAY DESSERT DAY!

Alysson Foti Bourque

(PreK-Elementary) MAKE MANGO LASSI (INSPIRED BY QUEEN OF HANUKKAH DOSAS): In QUEEN OF HANUKKAH DOSAS, the characters celebrate with delicious mango lassi. Join author Pamela Ehrenberg in this chance to make your own! 

Pamela Ehrenberg

(Middle School) COOKING UP STORIES: Writing Prompts on Padma Venkatraman’s YouTube channel and her website here.

Padma Kenkatraman



(PreK-Elementary) BREATH BE FIT: Breath Be Fit is a program that uses a series of up to four breathing styles, along with exercise movements to help children and teens manage stress and anxiety. Learning to lower stress can be a life skill that they can turn to forever.

Ann Biese

(PreK-Elementary) GUIDE TO SERENA: THE LITTLEST SISTER: Book-inspired activities such as vision boards and DIY tennis equipment; explore birth-order traits and inspirational stories of female athletes.

Karlin Gray

(Middle School) NAVIGATE THE NEIGHBORHOOD (CYOA ON THE STREETS): Turn your neighborhood into a wacky Choose Your Own Adventure-style tale with these Story Signs.

S.G. Wilson 



(PreK-Elementary) OLINGUITO ACTIVITY KIT: Deepen your knowledge of the cloud forest. Perfect for budding scientists exploring the ecosystem of their own backyard or nearby park!

Lulu Delacre

(PreK-Elementary) BUGS DO, BUGS DON’T: A BUG BOOK CHALLENGE: Materials for encouraging kids to connect with nature and explore the great outdoors, including parent/educator guides, activities, printables, and more!

Heather L. Montgomery

(Middle School) BUILDING GRIT KIT: Jo Watson Hackl, author of the middle grade novel SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE OF MAYBE, offers a Building Grit Kit to help children become the hero in their own story by setting goals, brainstorming potential obstacles, and developing strategies to navigate around challenges.

Jo Watson Hackl



(PreK-Elementary) SCIENCE EXPERIMENT GUIDE: This amazing experiment guide includes 40 pages of experiments and science resources created by the Marie Curie Alumni Association (a global research and science association) in connection with the MY SUPER SCIENCE HEROES Picture Book series.

Karla Valenti

(Middle School) SOLVE IT! FOR KIDS PODCAST: Solve It! for Kids – The science podcast for curious & creative kids and their families. Don’t forget to participate in our weekly challenges!

Jennifer Swanson

(Middle School) CRACK THE SPY CODE!: Figure out the coded messages embedded in the website of Karen Gray Ruelle, author of the forthcoming book, SURPRISING SPIES AND UNEXPECTED HEROES OF WWII.

Karen Gray Ruelle



(Middle School) BLISTER AND MUCK STORYTIME PODCAST: Blister and Muck is a free, family-fun podcast. Every week, follow zany animals in a madcap mystery. Relax, parents–tonight’s bedtime story is covered.

Jenny Mason

(Middle School) ORAL HISTORIES: Students will be guided in obtaining oral histories from caregivers. They will then create written narratives based upon those histories.

Jean Alicia Elster

(High School+) OH MY WORD!: Oh My Word! is a newly launched podcast about books, films, and musicals.

E. L. Tenenbaum



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