Lynne Berman
An excited preschool camper is embarking on his first time at camp. He meets new friends and tries new things during days filled with fun and sun. Feel his excitement and confidence grow on each page of this A-Z adventure and experience how the anxiety of young campers and parents is turned into a positive sense of comfort before summer even begins. This is a customizable book for camps to provide a smooth and successful transition for their youngest campers, and their nervous parents. It is also fully customizable from title, to characters, to text for preschools or daycare center settings.
About the Book
Lynne Berman
Kim Gatto
Self Published
Release Date
Jun 5, 2020
Picture Book
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From the Author
This one-of-a-kind customizable book for preschools and camps has received rave reviews. When first released in the summer of 2020, camp families shared:

Caroline L. - omg, wish we had this when I was in turtles, they would've loved it!!

Andrea P. - My turtle was starting to get cold feet about his first camp (said b/c he won't know anyone). This warmed him right up and now he can't wait for next week! Thank you!!!

Camps and preschools across the East Coast are thrilled to have a book that is written just for them and their families. Join the list - we can't wait to work with you.