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SCBWI’s free digital workshops are back! Each webinar will take place at 4:00 pm Eastern Time / 1:00 pm Pacific Time. Video recordings will be posted to the SCBWI website 24 hours after each workshop concludes and will remain up on the Digital Workshop archive page for one month.


No advance registration is necessary!


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Workshop #1

April 7, 2022

4pm-5pm EASTERN / 1pm-2pm PACIFIC

Chillin’ with a Villain

With author Roshani Chokshi

A hero/heroine is only as good as its villain. In this workshop led by author Roshani Chokshi, we’ll take an in-depth look at antagonistic forces and the conflicts that fuel stories. We’ll also deconstruct exemplary villains and learn how to build the tension necessary for that classic, love-to-hate-’em, hate-when-you-love-’em… villain origin story.


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Workshop #2

April 14, 2022

4pm-5pm EASTERN / 1pm-2pm PACIFIC

Spanish Language Webinar

With author Adolfo Córdova

Una Nueva Voz Para un Viejo Cuento

Adolfo Córdova, periodista y autor galardonado mexicano. Al compartir procesos creativos de algunos de sus libros, Adolfo expondrá algunas técnicas y ejercicios de reescritura literaria: de la revisitación de clásicos infantiles y juveniles a la tradición oral de mitologías latinoamericanas.


A New Voice for an Old Tale

Join Mexican children’s book author Adolfo Córdoba as he walks us through his creative process and shares techniques and exercises for revision. Adolfo will draw on samples from kids’ book classics and the oral tradition of Latin American mythologies.


Open to the Public!


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Workshop #3

April 21, 2022

4pm-5pm EASTERN / 1pm-2pm PACIFIC

Marketing for Authors: From Self-Promotion to Getting the Most from Your Publisher

With author Margot Wood

An inside look into how publishers market books, including practical advice on how to get the most out of your marketing team, and the do’s and don’ts of self-promotion–all from a publishing insider who has also published a book.


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Workshop #4

April 28, 2022

4pm-5pm EASTERN / 1pm-2pm PACIFIC

Using Texture as a Tool for Creating Pictures

With illustrator Rahele Jomepour Bell

Adding texture to your illustrations is one way to capture the concept of a fourth dimension on a 2D surface. Texture can also bring out emotions buried deep inside written words, creating harmony between the story and pictures. In this workshop, illustrator Rahele Jomepour Bell shares her process of adding texture to create another, deep, meaningful layer to your art.


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Workshop #5

May 5, 2022

4pm-5pm EASTERN / 1pm-2pm PACIFIC

An Illustrator and Author Walk into a Bar…

With illustrator Benson Shum and author Meg Fleming

Join author Meg Fleming and author/illustrator Benson Shum for a taste of the end-to-end process of creating and revising a picture book from two sides of the picture book-making desk. Review PB basics and then lean in for a deeper conversation surrounding the creative process. Topics covered include: casting characters, honing voice, solidifying theme, and managing creative expectations.


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Workshop #6

May 12, 2022

4pm-5pm EASTERN / 1pm-2pm PACIFIC

Stop Waiting for Inspiration and Start Becoming an Idea Generator

With author Naz Kutub

Stop waiting for ideas to come and start actively seeking them because they are everywhere! Author Naz Kutub will lead you through multiple idea-generating exercises, and if willing, you can share your ideas in real-time for feedback.


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