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Disability Employment Awareness Month Resources


SCBWI Dedicates Giving Tuesday to Disabled Creators


October is Disability Employment Awareness Month in the US. During this month, we reaffirm our commitment to equal rights and accessibility for everyone. This year’s theme is Increasing Access and Opportunity. We must consider how disability shows up, is celebrated, supported, or appears to be absent in our work, life, regions. For more information, please visit The Library of Congress’s page on it here.




The Last Bookstore (Los Angeles)




Global Alliance for Disability in Media and Entertainment (GADIM)

List of Arts Organizations by New Horizons Un-Limited

ALA Award

Disabled Writers

Magnus Cards for People with Cognitive Disabilities



16 Wonderful #OwnVoices YA Books About Disability, by BookRiot

2020 YA Book Covers Bring Disability Representation to the Forefront, by BookRiot

Can Children’s Books Save the World? Advocates for Diversity in Children’s Books and Libraries, by Kathleen T. Horning

From Fear to Empathy: How Disability Stories Bridge the Gap, by Karol Ruth Silverstein

How Person-First Language Isolates Disabled People, by Ryan Theodosia

I’m not your inspiration, thank you very much, a TED Talk by Stella Young

Janine’s Party, a blog by Janine and Maryann Leffler

#SayTheWord – The Power of Language for Disability Identity which is an active guest blog and database of 1000+ children’s literature titles featuring mental health issues and neurodivergence

Disability in Kidlit

Language Guide

Additional Language Guides featuring “Neurodiversity”

Braille Translator

Optimizing graphics for color blindness 

How to design for color blindness

See your website through the eyes of someone color blind

Digital Accessibility

Free Accessibility Training | Access Israel

Current State of Disability Representation in Children’s Books

How to make social media posts more accessible



Cursed by Karol Ruth Silverstein

I Am Different – Just Like You! by Rebecca DalMolin