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Equity and Inclusion

Equity & Inclusion


Inclusion+ | Equity | Accessibility | Belonging | Civility | Anti-racism | Diversity | Interculturalism | Social Justice


No matter who you are, how you identify, where you live, what your abilities/disabilities are, whom you love, and what you look like, we want you here. Welcome!


In our mission to support the creation and availability of quality children’s books in every region of the world, we recognize that those books must reflect the rich diversity of our human family. The only way to do that is to support writers, illustrators, and translators that reflect every lived experience. As a global organization, we acknowledge that inclusion looks different in every corner of the world and invite you to share what “Inclusion Plus” looks like for your region and how we can better fold that into our toolkit.


Whether you are an SCBWI member; thinking about joining our community; or just here to see what we do, we would like you to know that Equity & Inclusion (EI) is an integral part of who we are, woven into every chapter of our story. Like many organizations, we find ourselves at a crossroads of how to keep improving our inclusion efforts and best share that message with you. In the past we kept our partnerships, contributions, support, and EI efforts as internal documents and hoped our goodwill would speak for itself. Transparency has evolved as a value of ours. We consider this space to be a living document, up for regular review, improvement, and sharing.


To quote Cornelius Minor, educator and literacy reform advocate (@MisterMinor), we are also “radically pro-kid”, which means championing content that supports all children and all families. If you find that equity, inclusion, belonging, civility, anti-racism, accessibility, interculturalism, religious tolerance, and understanding are not your values, then we are probably not the right organization for you. And we are okay with that. We believe that the bookshelf keeps expanding with our human family. There is room for us all. We are here to support you, cheer you on, and provide the best resources to write, draw, create, publish, and/or translate your work. We welcome you to a place of creativity and belonging and invite you to explore our EI resources, values, anti-harassment, goals, teams, activities, and Custom Creative Communities for creators just like you, yes, YOU.


—April Powers, Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer



More to come…Please check back with us over the next few weeks and beyond for updates