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If you are registering for the Nonfiction Workshop, you can sell up to two of your books in our online conference bookstore. This is a fantastic opportunity for SCBWI members to boost their book’s outreach. Design an online page that gives visitors an inside look at your titles and the ability to purchase copies. Each page will include a link to purchase your book from a bookseller of your choice and will remain up in our virtual bookstore for the entire month of November.


Guide to Creating Your Bookstore Pages

Log in to using your email and password on the SCBWI homepage. If you have not already registered for the Nonfiction Workshop, you must register first. Once you are registered, proceed to next step.


Once you are logged in, click on the MY HOME link or on your name in the upper right-hand corner. This will take you to your Member Profile page.


Under the list of links on the left-hand side of the page, click on the link that says EDIT BOOKS under the words ‘Nonfiction Workshop’. This will take you to your Member Bookstore page.


On the Member Bookstore page, click on the message “Click Here to Begin”. This takes you to the Nonfiction Workshop Book Page template, where you’ll be doing all your work.


Fill in as much information about your book as you wish to appear on your Book Page from the fields listed: (Remember the more unique the content, the more enticing your page will be to visitors. Get creative!) All details marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory

*Book Page Language: Choose English or Spanish

*Book Title: The title of your book

 *Subheading: The subtitle, if applicable to your title, e.g. Here’s Hank: Fake Snakes and Weird Wizards

*Your Name or Pen Name: (However you would like your name to appear).

*Author(s): Name of author. (If this is the same as ‘Your Name’, just list the name twice).

 Illustrator(s): Illustrator Name/Names (If this is the same as ‘Your Name’, just list the name twice. Leave blank if not applicable).

*Book synopsis: A short summary, as what might appear on your book flap or Amazon listing. 100-150 words.

 *Traditional Publisher: Choose your publisher from a dropdown list of PAL publishers. If your publisher is not listed, leave the field blank.

* Self Publisher: Type in your publisher in the text box shown. If you wish to leave this field blank, you may do so.

Note: Enter only one publisher – Traditional or Self Publisher – but not both.  If you do not fill in either publisher field, the page will not be published.

*Release Date:  The day your book is (or was) available for purchase.

*Book Category: Choose from the following categories– Board/Novelty, Picture Book, Leveled Reader, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Chapter Book, Nonfiction, Resource Book, Apps. 

ISBN: The reference number assigned to your book. These begin with 0 or prefix 978. (Note: listing both ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 is not necessary.)


(For the following ‘Upload’ fields, the image file name should *not* contain any special characters (apostrophe, quote, space, etc). Be sure the file name has only letters, numbers, and/or dashes. If there are special characters, simply rename the file before uploading it. Use .jpg or .png)

*Book Cover: Upload an image of your book’s front cover.

Inside Image 1, 2, & 3: Three more opportunities to upload illustrations from your book. (This is optional but recommended for picture books).

Your Photo Here: Upload a picture of yourself. (Optional)

*Buy Book link: Choose the link you’d like your visitors to use:  Your favorite independent bookstore, Amazon, IndieBound, your publisher’s site, your personal website, etc. You can only list one URL in this box.

Social Media Links: A link to your personal website (optional), Facebook link (optional), Twitter link (optional), and Instagram link (optional).

Book Page trailer: Provide a URL to a YouTube video.

About the Author: A short bio about yourself. We recommend about 100-300 words.

Contact Me: Tell your readers how they can contact you (email, your website, Twitter, etc.)

For Fans of: This is a place to list your ‘comp titles’ or well-known books that are similar to your new release. One title per line.

 From the Author: Use this space to leave a final impression on BookStop browsers. A call to action, important message, shout out, or interesting fact about your book will do the trick.


Don’t forget to click “Save” once you have filled in your information.

Any information you do not fill in will not appear on your Nonfiction Workshop Book Page. The only exceptions to this include the ‘About Me’ and ‘Contact Me’ links.

To Preview your Nonfiction Workshop Book Page, click “Preview” to see how your page will appear before it’s published. It will open as a separate page for you to view. Do not close the page where you edit information without saving or you will lose the unsaved work.

When are you finished previewing the page and want to return to editing the Nonfiction Workshop Book Page simply close the Preview page or tab. If you want to make changes, don’t forget to hit “Save” when you are finished!

Your Nonfiction Workshop Bookstore page will go live on November 6, 2020 and will remain up through November 22, 2020.