Portfolio Showcase Instructions

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Portfolio Showcase

Help us let the world find out about and celebrate you!

In the morning please check in your portfolio with Andy Lozano at the front table.

What to exhibit:

Portfolio, Business/Postcards, Dummy (optional) 


 Standard formats only. 

Only one (1) portfolio is permitted. 

Size: (Measure while open) - Maximum width: 32” max. - Maximum height: 12” max. - Closed Portfolio: 3” tall max. 

10 - 15 images suggested. 

Copies or prints only; no original art. 

Name: your name and contact information must be in or on your Portfolio. 

Portfolios must be the participant’s own artwork. (No AI)

Business or Promotional Cards: 

• Size: Up to 5”x 7” horizontal or vertical. 

• Only one design required. (one stack will be placed by portfolio) 

• No card holders permitted. 

• Bring cards in a sealable plastic bag or bound by a rubber band. 


• One (1) or two (2) permitted. 

• Size: Dummies may not be larger than your portfolio. 

• Optional, not a requirement. 

• Dummy may not, in any way, be a partially or fully published book. 

• Dummy must be attached to your portfolio (string, yarn or ribbon works well). 

• The dummy may or may not be your own writing. Please do give credit where credit is due. 

• The dummy is simply an opportunity to display your awareness and ability to create a children’s book. 

• Can be in addition to your portfolio, NOT instead of a portfolio. 

Please note what is not permitted: 

 • Oversized portfolios (whether in length, depth or width) 

• Non- secured portfolio (images not securely attached to portfolio) 

• Original art 

• Framed art 

• Published books 

• 3-dimensional art 

• Easels, stands or props of any kind 

• Portfolios in unusual novelty formats

Portfolios will be available for pickup as you leave at the end of MOTM conference.

If you have further questions, please contact Illustrator Coordinator Andrew Lozano at ksmo-ic@scbwi.org