Carolinas 2023 Fall Retreat

Pitch Party

Submit to the live Pitch Party!

Attendees are invited to submit 1-2 real pitches to be read aloud by the host anonymously during the Saturday night Pitch Party. Faculty members will raise paddles to indicate "likes". If a faculty member "likes" your pitch, that means they want to hear more and you are invited to submit your manuscript!

Just for fun, attendees are also invited to submit #CookiePitches, a silly or "punny" pitch for a fake children's book. #CookiePitches will also be read aloud by the host during the Pitch Party.

#CookiePitch is a game of "best pitches for worst ideas" developed by a group of kidlit creators just for fun. Your #CookiePitch can be any genre, not just PB. 

To enter, simply check the Pitch Party option during registration and you'll receive instructions later this summer.

Deadline to enter the Pitch Party: October 1st, 2023

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