Illustration Masterclass: Art Director's Brief with iSeek Creative Publishing

Oct 07, 2023

Online event

Tony Potter, Creative Director from iSeek Books has provided a wonderful live brief that has tight parameters in terms of layout, size and content, that will be balanced by your creative response to the brief. Due to issues around being able to book and take payments online, time has moved on and we won’t be able to deliver the AD brief the same as in the past. This means one response to the brief and also means the number of illustrators who can participate is no longer capped. The brief is still set as an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) until the publisher releases it. With this in mind, you will only receive the full brief description and formats when you have booked through a Google Drive link. Since we can’t book online at this time, we are asking for illustrators intending to jump in and give this brief a go to register with, The brief is for children aged 5 and up and is intended as a fun introduction to dinosaurs. Remember that corner of the bookshop that children often gravitate towards – the novelty books, pop-ups, and books with remarkable layouts or shapes? This is where this book would live. It consists of one pop-up (the template is supplied) and has four triple-page spreads that you can imagine as double-page spreads with a whole page that opens on the right-hand side. Also included is a flap that will have text behind the image. You can play with techniques and styles in your response and translate the spread with your own idea of the prehistoric landscape. You are to take your artwork produced within the provided parameters of the brief to the final. A request for files from Dropbox will be sent to all participating illustrators. The deadline is the 3 October no later than midnight. Feedback on the artwork will be given when we meet online on the 7 October at 13:00 when we’ll also learn more about iSeek Creatives. Tony Potter is the Creative Director of iSeek Books, which produces a wide variety of books, novelty and pop-ups, games and puzzles. Illustration Masterclasses offer two fully-funded places for illustrators underrepresented in children’s publishing (BAME, LGBTQ+, socio-economically marginalised and illustrators with a disability) for each event. Please send your application for one of these places telling us how you qualify for a fully funded place and how you feel it will help you in your career to: and Please note: SCBWI has a policy of no refunds once your place has been booked. Please send an email with the subject head, SCBWI Illustration Masterclass AD Brief, to register your interest in this Illustration Masterclass to The link to the Google Drive folder with everything you need will be sent back to you. A payment of £35 will be collected before the online masterclass date.


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