The Anxious Person’s Guide to Narrative Nonfiction, with Sarah Jane Marsh

Apr 02, 2024

Online event

Venturing into the unknown of a new writing project can spark angst among even the most stalwart of spirits. Surprisingly, the discomfort of not-knowing can be a positive force, spurring us toward greater flexibility, creativity, skill-building, and even resilience. With narrative nonfiction as our example, we will explore common moments of uncertainty and how to hold fast to your guiding lights, try new tools, and know when to forge ahead or let go. Come learn how to embrace your own unsureness and trust the journey ahead. All creators welcome!

Sarah Jane Marsh is a writer of narrative nonfiction and author of Thomas Paine and the Dangerous Word; Most Wanted: The Revolutionary Partnership of John Hancock & Samuel Adams; and the forthcoming The Bad Man’s Town—And the Women Who Ran It.

Sarah’s books were named Notable Books by the National Council of the Social Studies and have been featured in the Journal of the American Revolution, Learning Magazine, and the History News Network. She earned her MBA in organizational change from the University of Vermont before moving to the mountains outside of Seattle. Like Thomas Paine, Sarah attempted an adventurous career (zookeeping, dolphin training, and firefighting) before turning to writing. More recently, she worked in youth and family crisis prevention during the pandemic.