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SCBWI Oregon: Level Up! with Chamisa Kellogg

Mar 14, 2024

Online event

BUILDING A VISUAL WORLD ⭐ Once illustrators receive a manuscript, they have the incredible task of dreaming up a whole visual world. What would it look like if you illustrated Little Red Riding Hood, for example? What year is it set in, and where? This early stage of the picture book illustration process is a vital part of what makes a story feel real to readers. In this workshop taught by author-illustrator Chamisa Kellogg, we'll take a look at how some of today's working illustrators have created unique worlds for their books, as well as stories that have been told and retold, each time in a new and interesting way. We'll then spend some time dreaming up our own worlds for a classic story, diving into personal experiences to make our own unique interpretations through mood boards and sketching, or even a written description. We'll end the class by sharing screenshots or photos of our mood boards in the chat, with time for a short Q&A at the end. 📌 Tools required: sketchbook and/or a personal pinterest board, photoshop, procreate or other image collage tool. 📝 Both authors and illustrators welcome! 🎨 Chamisa is an illustrator, art director and animator based in Portland, Oregon. She has illustrated several picture books, most recently THE PIE THAT MOLLY GREW by Sue Heavenrich. She is currently working on her first author-illustrator book (due out in 2025). Chamisa's go-to illustration style is lush and textural with notes of nostalgia, dreaminess and play. When she’s not making art you might find her gardening, buying too many books, or snuggling with her pup, Orca. ⭐ Registration closes March 11th. ⭐