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Interested in Library Funding?

As a follow up to our INSIGHT article about public library funding coming under threat, (Read it here) Beth Yoke who is the Executive Director of the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) recommends the the following actions for those of you who want to participate in the campaign. Last month Beth met with Congressional staffers who support the House education committee, and they strongly encouraged her and fellow allies to find advocates from beyond the library world to speak up on our behalf.  They specifically suggested authors writing letters to the editor. That's where you come in.



SCBWI members can adapt this ready-to-use letter or can draw from any number of talking points to write your own piece, because personal stories are so powerful! 

Congress will not finalize their budget until late Sept. or early Oct.  Speaking up for libraries between now and then is crucial, because it could help ensure that funding for libraries is worked into their version of the federal budget.  YALSA also has other ways that SCBWI members can be library advocates in this blog post online