Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Manuscript Award Recipients

Sue Alexander Award Recipients:

Year Winner Title of Manuscript
2020 Kristen Kiesling If I Tell
2019 Shaleen Woods   Roots and Rosemary
2018 Patricia Flam   Daniel and the Infinite Stuff
2017 Christine DeHerrera   Jeezus Geeks & Rainbow Freaks
2016 Heather Zenzen Sam and Haley
2015 Ida Olson   Vigaro

Linda Kao

The Treasure of the Foggy Isles 
2013 Lindsay Wright   The Master Clock of Paris
2012 Kat Yeh   Girl of Shadow
2011 Marilyn Hilton   Hover Over Me
2010 Kelly Sheahan   Animal Tracks
2009 Sharon Cameron   Stranwyne Keep
2008 Doug Marshall   Flung
2007 Tracy Holczer    Runaway Grace (Published as The Secret Hum of a Daisy)
2006 Carole Estby Dagg    From Mica Creek to New York City, One Step at a Time
2005 Emily Jiang    Paper Daughter
2004 Melodie Chenevert    Lillian Wald: Heroic Nurse of Henry Street
2003 Candace Moonshower    The Legend of Zoey
2002 Mary Waldorf    Me and My Sister Ed (published as The Goldrush Kid)
2001 Donna Bergman    Sassie in the Wind
2000 Jay Asher    The Choco Barn Cow
1999 Maria Fleming    Somewhere Sleeping
1998 Lynn Baker    The Naturals
1997 Patricia Rae Wolff    Joey and the Quest
1996 Cat Bauer    Zee (Renamed Harley, Like a Person upon publication)



Promising Picture Book Recipients:

Year Winner Title of Manuscript
2015 Eileen Meyer   Discovering Lincoln: A Picture Book in Poems
2014 Rebecca Langston-George   Bovinella
2013 Sue Gallion   Pug and Pig
2012 Jenny Bielicki   Starry Kalahari