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Favorite Books and Illustrations

When you are logged on and visit the bookstore or illustrator gallery you will see a link to add a book or illustration to your favorites.

favorite book


These books and illustrations will appear on your member homepage under "Favorite Books" or "Favorite Illustrations"


Note: These favorites are viewable only to you, not people viewing your profile.


Printable Membership Card

At any time you can print a new membership card for yourself.

You will find the option under "Membership" on the left-hand navigation

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Adding text to your Bio and your Artist Statement.

If you copy text from Word or some other application, and then paste into your bio, you may end up with odd formatting.

To copy/paste correctly, use the "Paste as Text" icon in the editor.  The icon looks like a clipboard with a small "T" at the bottom right.

Just copy from Word, then click the icon, then paste into the provided text box, then click "Submit".