• I grew up in South Africa, and studied at The College of Art & Design in Johannesburg, SA. I worked as an Art Director and Graphic Designer in advertising agencies there before doing the same in Washington D.C. and then Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where I live.

    As I pursue my illustration career, with particular interest in children’s book illustration, my goal is to capture the essence of childhood—uninhibited. Childhood is so short, and I am committed to doing my part to make it as rich and fabulous as possible. I accept commissions for commercial illustration, web site illustration and design and of course, children’s books! Currently I’m the Illustrator Coordinator for the Eastern Pennsylvania region of SCBWI.

    My favorite children’s book illustrators are Raymond Briggs, Brian Froud, Alan Lee, David Wiesner, Lisbeth Zwerger, Laurel Long and Mary GrandPré.

    I find endless inspiration for my paintings in my young daughter Sophia and my two cats, Thelma and Louise.
    (Addendum: Thelma and Louise have taken their final joy ride — they had grand lives. Num-Num and Precious now watch the birds and squirrels from the best vantage points.)


  • In the grand scheme of things, art is what matters. This is what lives on through the ages. If I can add one smudge to the great canvas of civilization, I will be profoundly happy.