• When Alanna isn’t caring for her daughters, digging through the garden, or at the local library, you’ll find her in
    a circle of paint and sketch tools.

    As a kid Alanna lived on a cozy cul-de-sac in Katy, Texas. If she wasn’t bug hunting and
    climbing trees with neighborhood friends, she was likely nestled into a book
    with her thoughts far, far away.

    Alanna loves the art and joy of storytelling. She studied
    Creative Writing and Film at Texas State University in San Marcos Texas, and
    strives to produce images that nurture her passion for the natural world while
    telling a compelling story. She hates being lost, but most of all she hates
    litter and beach plastic. Single-use plastics are her nemesis.

    Read more here: https://alannadidthat.com/About-Alanna-Did-That


  • I would love to illustrate poetic non-fiction books with animals or nature at the heart of the story. Some examples include: Honeybee and Giant Squid by Candace Fleming, Akiak and Togo by Robert J. Blake, Listen by Holly M. McGhee, I Hatched! by Jill Esbaum, and The Longest Night by Marion Dane Bauer.

    I also love the animal artwork of Ted Lewin, Alan Marks, Jerry Pinkney and Lita Judge.

    I hope to inspire conservation efforts, respect for biodiversity and connection with nature through my work. 

    Some of my favorite quotes are: 

    Who saw the moss
    Creep over the stone?
    “I,” said the gray fox.
    “All alone.”

    Who saw the fog
    Come over the sea? 
    “I,” said the sea pigeon.
    “Only me.” 
    -Excerpt from The Secret Song by Margaret Wise Brown

    “This earth is alive and has a soul or spirit, just as you have a spirit. other things also have spirits, the sun, clouds, trees, beasts, birds.” – Buffalo Bird Girl’s grandfather

    “What I will say is harbor each other. Even strangers. Every day.” – Jacqueline Woodson

    “The soul should always stand ajar.” – Emily Dickinson