• Alex Mitchell thinks we would all be a whole lot happier if we liked ourselves more. And she’s ready to start a Twinki-Winki revolution to get the word out. That’s where I come in. I’m Luca and I narrate her book, ya see. It’s not called “Super Luca’s Glorious Twinki-Winki Adventure” for nothing. But not only that, I’m the face of Twinki-Winki super-ness and the original Twinki-Winki misfit fashion rebel. No lie. I oughta know, I live in her head.

    As for Alex, she lives in Madrid, Spain, in a shoebox. She says it’s okay once you get good at ignoring all the stuff everywhere. Like all that art on her shelves collecting dust after twenty years of making and selling artwork. She’s gone all out gaga over her Twinki-Winki projects, and nothing’s gonna stop her from getting her book out and setting up her fashion brand. All that making art and writing and making props and designing has finally paid off, she says. I figure she means she’s ready for this. As in ready, set, let’s get nutty!


  • Hi! I’m Alex and I’m a recovering perfectionist, a proud misfit fashion rebel, and as stubborn as a goat. It seems my sense of humor is questionable at times and my attitude could use some adjusting. But heck, who needs to be perfect? I happen to know that all we really need to be happy is to learn to twinki-winki.