• Hello! My name is Alison and I illustrate from my home in Perth, Western Australia. I hold a a BA (Hons) in Design from Curtin University, majoring in Illustration. 
    I specialise in fairytale, fantasy and historically-inspired illustration but I enjoy almost every topic that comes my way (not so keen on spiders!). Owing to the isolation of Perth (look us up, we’re miles from everywhere!), I’ve developed a number of illustration styles so as to be as versatile as possible. I love working in them all. I have been working for ReadyEd Publications since 2010 while also providing illustrations for picture books and a variety of other uses. And I also do portraiture. 
    My latest book is Feral Fergus, by Sioban Timmer, published by Jasper Publications here in Perth.
    When not drawing, I can be found walking my dog, reading, playing the piano, watching old movies and needle felting.


  • Growing up surrounded by teachers, I developed a passion for children’s literacy. It’s so important that children develop a love of reading to set them up for their future lives. Illustration, good illustration, helps develop and foster that love, and I love to be a part of that, whether working in educational publishing, developing illustrations that explain and elucidate ideas, or picture books, with illustrations that bring another dimension to the story told in words. 

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