• Alma Fullerton was born in Ottawa Ontario Canada. She grew up in a large military family and has lived in various cities in Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Germany.
    Alma struggled with reading and instead memorized most things, until the age of nine when with the help of her grade four teacher, she realized she had dyslexia. By grade nine Alma loved reading.

    She now lives in Prince Edward Island with her husband.

    Her 12 first books have been nominated and/or have won over two dozen awards including the
    Governor General Finalist 2008,
    TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award finalist 2009, 2011
    Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Award winner 2009, CLA Children’s Book of the Year Honor Book 2009, 2011
    Golden Oak Award winner 2009,
    Once Upon a World Children’s Book Award Winner – 2009,
    Manitoba Young Readers’ Choice Award shortlist – 2010,
    SilverBirch Award shortlist -2010
    Bank Street College Best Children’s Books 2009, 2014, Blue Spruce Award 2014, Kentucky BlueGrass Award 2014/15, Marilyn Baillie Picture book award honour, plus many more.

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