• Alyssa is an illustrator with a penchant for all things
    whimsical and cheerful. She attended Minnesota State University Moorhead (BFA
    , where she studied Illustration and Writing. When she isn’t drinking too
    much coffee, collecting 50s kitsch, or chasing after her dog, you can find Alyssa
    writing silly stories or painting in her studio.


  • Picture books have captivated me for as long as I can remember. While I enjoy reading the tales authors have to offer, the accompanying illustrations tell me a story words cannot.  My intent is to give a sense of wonder upon viewing my work. Be it everyday scenes, fantastical places, or the ordinary combined with the strange and beautiful, my narratives invite viewers in.

    Working in materials like watercolor and colored pencil evoke a sense of whimsy and reminisce childhood. Characters in my work are a reflection of my own childhood, and I use them to welcome viewers into a new world.

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