• I’ve been drawing since I could pick up a crayon.  My true passion for art began in second grade in my first art class.  I  learned to draw a new cartoon character each day and I haven’t stopped drawing since. 

    After receiving first place in several state wide art contests in high school I decided to continue my pursuit of art at Monterey Peninsula College.  There I obtained an AA in Business to enhance my entrepreneurship with Custom Art Creations. My freelance work ranged from murals, to portraits, to logos and even wedding dress design.  

    As the world began to update itself my clients needs were more digitally based. Its then that I made the decision to move back home in the East Bay to attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA.

    At the Academy I fell in love with vector art and storytelling.  I realized the two could be a perfect marriage in children’s books and consumer products.   I strive for uplifting characters and fun stories that include a moral and educational aspect to them.  

                                                “Thank you for visiting , hope you enjoy the art!”
                         ~ Amanda Voris


  • My goal is to write fantasy stories with moral and educational elements accompanied by illustrations showcasing bold shapes, bright colors and unique pattern.

    The greatest adventures are what your imagination allows them to be.