• Art has been part of my heart & soul since I was 4 years old, and it all began with picture books. My favorite book as a child was, Rainbow Goblins, by Ul de Rico. Because children’s books were such a huge inspiration for my art, it has followed naturally that I would be so passionate about literacy and helping others tell their stories. Whether as an English teacher, or an illustrator, I love helping others see the value in their own stories. I was a Royal Dragonfly Book Award Winner in 2016, and have 3 total titles published.

    Other artist inspirations include anything by Winslow Penny-Pels, Mary Blair, Brecht Evens, John Lurie, artist Bjorn Wiinblad, and many many artists I follow on Instagram. You can view more of my work on Instagram @Daisymoon_illustration


  • Over decades of art, and even as my style has evolved, one word that has been used consistently to describe my work is “whimsical”. With children’s books being the initial inspiration of my artwork, I feel that my work is constantly recalling pieces of my childhood that those books struck a chord with. I hope that when others see my work that it reminds them of their childhood, and I hope that if it is a child looking at the work, that it will remain an instrumental tool in maintaining the whimsy and imagination that we often lose as we grow old. My work is my homage to my childhood and all the beauty that has carried me through my existence.